Rocky Mount, NC 27804 USA
BR Global LLC was formed in 2006 as a result of the expansion of the USA domestic bussines of Belco Resources, inc.   Spun off as a separate legal operating entity, BR Global focuses primarily on the USA agricultural market by distributing high quality mircronutrients, minerals and specialty chemicals. It has leveraged the international sourcing and distribution capabilities of Belco Resourses to allow it to compete effectively in the domestic market. With strategically placed warehouses and just in time shipping, it has become a leadin supplier of high quality specialty plant nutritional products in key market across the USA. Products include granular grades that are suitable for blending and for various dry applications, and a line of fully soluble powder grade products. The granular grades include its standard Maxi Granular (MxG) grade of 2-5mm particle size, the Mini (MiG) of 1-2mm particle size and the Greens Grae (GG) of 0-1mm particle size. The fully soluble powder (SP) line of products are designed to be immediately soluble into a solution and suitable for various types of wet application including fertigation, foliar, drip and hydroponics. BR Global's products are designed to address the nutriental needs of plants, they are extremely effective for the correction of nutrient deficiencies and for maintenance of agronomically acceptable nutrition levels where intense cropping can create nutrition deficiencies.